10 Week Nutrisystem Update: 26 lbs Down


For Ken and Candi, Nutrisystem was a great way to jumpstart their weight loss journey. They video recorded their Nutrisystem weight loss progress for 3 months. After 10 weeks on Nutrisystem, Candi goes into her thoughts and results. But first, Candi shows the turkey dinner she made for the kids since they didn’t have Thanksgiving at home. “Today’s Thursday, so it’s one of the days where we don’t have to be anywhere.”

Turkey dinner

Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner

Candi details her Thursday routine. She talks about taking a bath, sitting down in some comfortable cloths, and watching some television (she’s about to watch Survivor). She also talks about the reasons behind naming her dog Tori! Very funny. Carly talks about her favorite show briefly which is Dance Moms.

24 lbs Down

 Candi updates us on how Nutrisystem is going. She tells us that this would normally be ten weeks, but they took a week off, so this is technically a 9-week update. Candi says that in week 9, she was down 1.1 pounds, a total loss of 24 pounds since the beginning of the program. Ken had a loss of 0.6 pounds, and a total of 26.2 pound weight loss.

Candi says that since they hit the two month mark, the losses have been lower each week. “For our weigh in this Monday, which would have been December 1st, we just had a whole week off… what’s going to be our weigh in after a whole week off?”

Candi admits that she cheated a little during the holiday break but she also was conscious of her eating at times. “It wasn’t just like I went crazy and ate whatever I wanted! I tried to be careful.”

“According to my weigh in on Monday I actually had gained 1.6 pounds. However, the very next day, I weighed two pounds less.” She explains that they had fast food in the car on Sunday and that gain was during that time. Candi went back on the system and blasted off two pounds the next day. Ken forgot to weigh in on Monday and then got the flu. By Tuesday, he lost 1.4 pounds.

“That puts me at a total loss of 19.8 lb, and Ken, a total loss of 27.6 lb,” Candi says. She concludes the update, saying she wanted to give everyone the weigh-ins for the week.

Are you surprised that Ken and Candi did so well? How much weight would you want to lose in a 10 week period? Let us know!

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