14 Pounds Down after 2 Weeks On Nutrisystem

For Ken and Candi, Nutrisystem was a great way to jumpstart their weight loss journey. They video recorded their Nutrisystem weight loss progress for 3 months. In this video Candi and Ken update us on their 2-week progress.

Ken tells viewers that he had for lunch. “Today we had beans and ham soup from Nutrisystem!” He says that he usually has that on Halloween and that it wasn’t bad. “And I had a salad with shredded lettuce, egg, and chickpeas. I put black olives in it and I shouldn’t be eating any more. I usually eat 8 and I usually have 5 on my salad.”

“What does black olive count as?” Candi asks. Ken says that it didn’t show up on the chart and in his opinion it’s a freebie. “It grows on a tree!” Ken says. Candi looked it up and it counts as an 'extra’. You get 3 extras a day with Nutrisystem.

Candi says Ken lost ten pounds the first week and he’s down to 14 total after week 2. They’re now on Week 3. It’s technically 14.7 pounds that Ken has lost. “How many minutes did you go on the elliptical today?” Ken asks. “Zero!” Answers Candi. “30 for this guy,” Ken says. “30 minutes.”

“The first week I lost 4.7 pounds and 2.5 the second week, for a total of 7.2,” Candi says. “I’ve lost 3% of my weight and you’ve lost, what, five?” Ken confirms that he’s lost about five percent of his body weight.


Candi checks out her storage of Nutrisystem foods and Ken points out that she’s been eating more frozen foods than regular! “What have you been eating?” Ken jokes.

Candi goes to the laptop and starts to answer questions and talk to the viewers about her first 2 weeks. “I have not exercised at all! I’m going to be honest with you guys. This is one of my biggest downfalls when it comes to losing weight:  I don’t make exercise a priority. I hate exercising, there’s a million things I’d rather do with my day than exercising, so I’m going to make it a point starting on Monday to do my 30 minutes of exercise every day so I have a good comparison.”

Candi says that they need to make the commitment to exercise more. She also says that she likes a lot of the Nutrisystem food and is shocked at the flavor they have and with some you want more after they’re cone. Candi thought the desserts tasted a little like diet food. Candi wraps up the video by saying they’ll do another update for their one month on Nutrisystem and update viewers on how the program is working! Ken and Candi seem to be starting off on the right foot with Nutrisystem. Do you think they'll continue with the program? Will Candi follow up on her workout vows? Find out in the next video!

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