20lb Down after 1 Month on Nutrisystem

Ken and Candi have been following Nutrisystem for one month already. They feel Nutrisystem has been a great way to jumpstart their weight loss journey. This week, Candi and Ken 'weigh in’ on their one month results. They are already starting to see results using Nutrisystem.

Before showing the results, Candi starts off by talking about Nutrisystem’s 7 day trial period where you can try out Nutrisystem for a week and see how you like it. Then it’s time to move on to Ken and Candi’s video results!


“This is our Nutrisystem one month update,” Ken says, holding a white board with their data.

“These are our weigh in results as of Monday morning, it would have been 4 weeks on Nutrisystem, that would be one week on the Fast 5 and then three weeks on the 1800 calorie or less diet on Nutrisystem. Go ahead Ken and talk about your results!”

“I don’t need to talk about individual results, I’m down 20 pounds!” Ken says. “It’s 22 counting today, and she’s down 12. If you do the equation of current weight divided by weight starting at, we’re both at about 9% of our total weight loss.”


“I only lost 12 so far and Ken lost 20, but we’re basically at the same percentage.” Candi points out the chart, saying that she didn’t lose the five pounds the first week and that Ken lost some weight but gained it back before weigh in. Candi says she lost 4.7 lbs the first week and has been pretty consistent since then. Candi says they intended to exercise every day but that hasn’t been happening every day. They did work out more the first week than the other weeks, and she worked out this week as well.


Ken and Candi show the viewers their workout equipment. It’s a really neat home gym outfitted with weight lifting sets, a Pro Form treadmill and an elliptical trainer! Candi asks Ken what his final analysis was for Month 1 on Nutrisystem.


“Eating the food is good, I’m a little sick of cheese tortellini, some of the same foods over and over again,” Ken says. Candi reminds him that they eat the same foods in real life too. Ken admits Nutrisystem helps him eat less daily. With this program you are controlling your calorie intake and have balanced nutrition. He notes that he uses a fitness app called My Fitness Pal to record his calories.

“You’re way under 1800 calories every day?” Candi asks him. Ken confirms and says he’s usually under, he ate 1753 calories on Friday. Ken says this app is nice because it has the Nutrisystem stuff programmed in there as well as grocery info.

Candi says that she doesn’t count calories and that’s one of the reasons why she was excited about doing Nutrisystem. “These are the foods they sent me, this is what they’re telling me to eat."

Candi concludes by saying that they’re happy with their success on Nutrisystem and that it’s much easier to follow and stick to than any diet they’ve done in the past. They're doing so great with this program!


"We’ll see you guys again in a couple of weeks with our next update!” Candi says. Hopefully we'll see even more progress with Ken and Candi on their next update video! They're doing good so far!

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