A Typical Menu after 6 Weeks on Nutrisystem – 24lbs Down

What is it like after 6 weeks on Nutrisystem? Ken and Candi used Nutrisystem to jumpstart their weight loss journey. In this video, Candi recaps their six week results:

Candi says that in the one month update video, she was at a 12 pound loss. Week 5 she lost 2.8 more pounds and then 1.5 pounds, for a total of 16.3 pounds lost.

Ken lost 20.1 pounds at the 1 month mark, lost 2.5 pounds in week 5, and 1.2 pounds in week 6. In week 6, they both lost less than they have so far. “It’s the worst week for me,” Candi says. She explains the average person loses a pound or two a week in the system.

“However, I know that Friday when we took the kids to the dentist, we went out to eat afterwards, and I had tortilla soup and a very small portion of a salad. That was a larger meal than I was used to, then Halloween candy. I’m not going to lie, when I saw those Twix bars, there were a few that made their way into my stomach,” Candi says.

Candi pulls out some notes on her experience using Nutrisystem. She recounts that after she & Ken posted their one month video, Candi could tell that she’s lost weight. “I feel better, I have more energy, I’m putting on jeans that haven’t fit me in a long time,” She tells us. Candi advises viewers who are trying out Nutrisystem to stick with it for a couple of weeks in order to really see the results.

Typical Nutrisystem Food

Candi shares with us her meal for the day and says that Ken pretty much follows the same thing. She shows us all the food for Nutrisystem.

Nutrisystem breakfast_cabinet

"This is where I keep my Nutrisystem food"


“I have dinners over there, lunches in the middle, and breakfasts on the end,” Candi says. She selects a muffin to have for breakfast.

Nutrisystem breakfast

Typical Breakfast

She selects one power fuel and one carb to have for breakfast as well, picking out a string cheese and a banana. “That would be a typical breakfast,” Candi says.

Preparing a Nutrisystem Protein Shake

Nutrisystem protein snack

Candi makes a shake from a recipe that she found online. “This counts for your protein for your snack in between meals.” She fills up the Nutrisystem cup with ice and water and dumps a vanilla protein powder pack in. Candi adds a dash of cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice to her shake for extra added flavor.


Chicken noodle soup calories

Chicken Noodle Soup for Lunch

Candi also shows us her lunch: Nutrisystem chicken noodle soup (110 calories), a homemade salad with shredded lettuce, fat free cheddar cheese, low fat Catalina dressing and a hard boiled egg.

Nutrisystem chicken noodle soup

The chicken Noodle Soup is ready! Salad consists of hard boiled egg, shredded lettuce and cheese.

Evening Snack

cherry mixed fruit snack

Next, Candi shows us her snack—a cherry mixed fruit cup.


roasted turkey medallions

For dinner, she selects from her frozen food. Candi picks out Roasted Turkey Medallions. “While the kids are eating their own dinner, I’m enjoying this. It’s just turkey and mashed potatoes, and it’s pretty good. I cooked corn as my vegetable which will count as my carb for this meal.”

checken alfredo

Chicken Alfredo

Candi ends the video by showing us another dinner she made for herself: Chicken Alfredo.



She ends it by showing us dessert; Chocolate Brownie Sundae. “Can’t complain about that when you get to have ice cream!” Candi says. “I hope you guys found this information useful and we’ll see you in a couple weeks for our next update. Bye!”

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