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Imani Chasity 120Ms. Imani Cliborne is the CEO of Omnis Administrative Services, and the Founder of The Solution Rebellion. While focusing on offering affordable services to businesses of all types, she also uses her business to give back her local community by hosting clothing drives, homelessness outreach programs, tutoring/mentoring, and multiple empowerment programs. She is also an active participant in the Southern Rap League and Female Battle Rap League, being the only female to battle in both leagues simultaneously.

For more information on Omnis Administrative Services or The Solution Rebellion, or if you’d like to find out how you can help the community with Ms. Imani, contact her on FB at https://www.facebook.com/imani.laveau

Sarah_120Sarah is a fun-loving writer from the Pacific Northwest. She is a huge fan of fashion and beauty, incorporating her eclectic style into her everyday looks. Her outfits are often 80s music inspired, as she’s very partial to punk rock and new wave. She spends most of her time at home with her boyfriend and several cats, but can often be spotted within the nightlife of Portland and Seattle. Her hobbies include shopping, dancing, hanging out with friends, reading, cooking, playing video games, and watching horror flicks. Don’t be fooled! While she does appreciate what life has to offer socially, she’s also a huge nerd.

Mark_120Mark Zorqe is a self-taught internet marketing epxert . He is an online entrepreneur whose diverse interests motivate him to write about business, money, and technology. In one of his recent studies he researched how obesity affects businesses. “While you might think of a wellness program as offering discounted gym memberships and having Weight Watchers meetings during lunch breaks, it goes beyond that”, says Mark.

Through his affiliation with well-known merchants he finds fantastic deals and coupon codes for your favorite products and services. He enjoys hiking and traveling.