Best Royalty Free Stock Photography Sites

In an increasingly visually oriented society, images are worth more than 1000 words. This is why royalty free stock photography sites are so popular. Royalty free stock photography sites are basically a database of images that are licensed for specific uses.

Who uses stock photos? Advertising agents, bloggers, journalists, online and offline publishers, and various people who need a quality photo. If you’re a blogger or website owner like me, then quality images are a great way to help your site stand out and look more appealing to visitors.

Why Are Stock Photos Useful?

Hiring a professional photographer can cost a significant amount of money. Not to mention, there are generally a lot of steps involved between taking of the photo and its production. In order to save time and money, royalty free stock photography sites will allow you browse through thousands of relevant photos until you find the one that’s right for you. As a professional blogger I usually buy stock photos from iStock Photo and Thinkstock Photo.


iStockphoto provides users with royalty-free images as well as vector illustrations, video clips, audio clips, and clip art. The site is used by businesses and individuals alike, and content is of very high standards. With iStock Photo, you can purchase images with “credits”.

One thing I particularly like about iStockphoto is that they not only have an amazing database of images for any topic you can think of, they also have an effective search engine to find what you are looking for.

For example. If I perform a search for “woman biking alone” I get a number of photos of a woman that is cycling alone.

Woman Biking ALone

If I search again for “woman biking with friend”,  I get photos of two women biking together.

Biking with Friend

Of course, I can refine the search and look for “old woman biking with friend”, in which case the engine fetches me relevant pictures of mature women that are biking with another person.

old woman biking

If I refine the search even more, i.e “black old woman biking with friend”, the system will bring again relevant photos.

 Black old

iStockphoto has an enormous variety of images to satisfy almost any visual need. Other photography sites (i.e Photoxpress,, etc) do not have this level of diversity.

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Thinkstock Photo

Like iStockphoto, Thinkstock Photo is a highly popular stock photography site that serves millions of people all around the world. From casual to professional imagery, they offer something for everyone.They are both owned by Getty  Images.

If you want to be creative and focused when it comes to building your brand, Thinkstock Photo and iStockphoto are definitely one of the best stock photography sites out there.

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