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Imani Chasity 150 By Imani Cliborne

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As far as E-cigs go, I’ve always been a little skeptical. I had tried one on my own and hated the taste, and sampled a few different brands that my friends had tried. Never once was I impressed. So, when someone challenged me to try Green Smoke, I wasn’t expecting a miracle…but I was willing.

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Receiving the Starter Prokit

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Let’s start with the ordering process: simple, and I love that. Not being an e-cig pro, Green Smoke’s website was very informative and helpful determining what package was best for me. I ordered the Pro Kit with Menthol Ice and Smooth Chocolate. I was impressed by everything that was included for the price; a car charger, a USB charger, a wall charger, two batteries, your flavored cartomizers, and a carrying case! Not a bad deal at all if you consider the cost individually.

I Love the Carrying Case

Metal Carrying Case

The day that I got my Green Smoke Pro Kit I was immediately impressed. Their product presentation is awesome! Even the box it all came in is a keeper! And I absolutely LOVE the carrying case. Very sleek and stylish, and even includes room for your charger adapter. You won’t feel awkward carrying this around! It’s the size of a wallet! For a gentleman, it fits easily in your pocket. For the ladies, it’s a lot more attractive than carrying around a pack of cigarettes.

Time to Pull…

Green Smoke e-cigarette

But who cares what it looks like, besides me? We all care about performance. From the first pull on my Green Smoke E-cig, I was an instant fan. I have never had so much vapor from any other e-cig I’ve ever sampled, ever!

If You are a Menthol Smoker, You Need to Try This

I tried the Menthol Ice first, and the taste was amazing. For those that are menthol smokers, you will definitely not be disappointed with this one. The throat hit was stronger than most e-cigs, which was something I was looking for, and it was definitely smooth and rich.

Next I tried the Smooth Chocolate. Of course I had the same vapor and hit with this flavor, but it was a unique, robust taste. I expected it to be a little stronger, but it was still quite pleasant. Personally, I will probably stay with Menthol Ice as my flavor of choice.

*Note: For those that don’t know, there is no tobacco smell with e-cigs. This is one of my favorite things about them, but up until now I never found one I could stick with. Imagine not smelling like a dirty ashtray any more, but still enjoying your smoking pleasures.

Does the Battery Last?

Now that I got the idea of the flavors, my next two concerns were how long the battery lasted and how long I could actually survive without a conventional tobacco cigarette. This is where I would know if I was just going to be a fan of their flavors, or a repeat customer.

With most e-cigs, this is where the buck stops. I wanted something I don’t have to plug up every five minutes. But more than that, I wanted something that could get me away from those horrible tobacco cigarettes. Personally, I love smoking…but I don’t love the smell, the taste (it gets nasty from time to time), the waste, or the hazards involved. I needed a compromise-and finally, Green Smoke gave it to me.

My Work Day is Over and I Haven’t Touched a Tobacco Cigarette

This was my experiment. I bought a pack of smokes the same day that the package came in. I said I would only smoke the Green Smoke e-cig, and see how long it would be before I actually wanted a “real” cigarette. Out of about 5 or 6 brands, I’ve never made it longer than 1.5 hours. Most of them, I want one right after

Hour 1 I was fine. That doesn’t impress me. Hour 2 passes, and I’m working so I don’t even think about it. Hour 4, hour 5, and before you know it, my work day was over and I hadn’t touched a tobacco cigarette.

That, to those who don’t know, is a monumental feat. So when I went 2 days, 3 days, and now 4 days I knew that I had really made some steps. And I enjoyed it every step of the way. Those flavor cartomizers are wonderful! It doesn’t lose flavor for what seems like forever. I’m a Newport girl, and I can openly admit I prefer the Green Smoke flavor! I never thought I would say that…

About the Battery Life…

As for the battery life, and charging abilities, I have absolutely no complaints. In this world of electronic devices, I am pretty good about charging things every so often. I didn’t even have a chance to learn how long the batteries last on one charge, because there were so many charging options! Between the car, the USB port, and the wall chargers, there wasn’t a moment my battery life had a chance to get low. Having the carrying case with the extra battery definitely adds to that as well. If you’re looking for long battery life and charging options, Green Smoke surely won’t let you down.

Do I have any cons? Any complaints?

I can only think of one-Green Smoke E-cigs are too good! I pride myself on being flexible on brands for most products, but I don’t want any other brand of E-cig. I don’t want any other tobacco cigarettes. Green Smoke is so good that I won’t be seeing some of my favorite night clerks on a smoke run! Best complaint I ever had! After realizing I loved the product, I went back on the site to see how much replacements were. When you do the math for pack of tobacco cigarettes cost versus one cartomizer (surely lasts longer than one pack), you’re actually saving in the long run.

Green Smoke has definitely changed my mind about the whole e-cig experience. Beyond that, they made me a loyal customer! Between the great costs, the awesome flavor, the battery life, the fact that I no longer am limited as to where I can enjoy my smoking time, and I don’t smell like burned tobacco—I’m stuck! Green Smoke, I am definitely your newest fan.

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