Green Smoke Versus V2Cigs – Comparison

V2 vs Green Smoke

Imani Chasity 150 By Imani Cliborne

It’s rare that I take the time to compare two products of any category, but I am a vaping advocate (anything to get us away from that nasty tobacco-yuck) and know that with the many choices out there, it can be hard to make a decision as to what brand to try first. So, I decided to play guinea pig for all of us! Now, I’ve tried multiple brands, and I won’t lie and say I liked them. My first e-cig was a year ago, and I just quit tobacco cigarettes about a month ago! Recently, I had the opportunity to try two different brands, Green Smoke and V2Cigs (Green Smoke review | V2Cigs Review) . Let’s see how they stack up against each other.


As for looks and packaging, I have to give the advantage to V2Cigs. If you take a look at their site, you can easily see why. Not that Green Smoke’s e-cigs looked bad…but V2Cig offered so many customization options…you can choose your battery look (colors and prints), your carrying case color, your charging case color, even the colors of your chargers. In the long run (in looks), most e-cigs are kind of alike, with subtle differences. V2Cigs stands out among the crowd to me.

Smoothness and Easiness of Puffing

Smoking is a mental habit as much as it as a physical one, at least in my world. Because of that, my e-cig experience needed to be at least somewhat similar. We have the look and handheld feel, but that doesn’t cut it. What matters is when I take a puff, does it feel similar to smoking a traditional cigarette? Both brands offered that feeling in my opinion, but V2Cigs offered just a tad bit more vape, and the vape itself was a bit smoother as well. With the Green Smoke e-cigs I had to prime it a little hard (take a smaller first puff before a larger full puff) to get the amount of vape I wanted. Not so with V2Cigs.


The taste…one of the all deciding factors in my world. I am picky when it comes to my menthol. I was a Newport smoker for years because of that, and would not dare touch another brand-even if on sale or if I had a coupon!! Neither brand disappointed me in the least in this category. I tried Green Smoke first, and absolutely loved their Menthol flavor. Very pleasant! Now, I thought I was sold, until I tasted the V2Cig! Their Menthol is so amazing! Closest I’ve come to that strong menthol I was used to, without being overpowering. I tried Chocolate with Green Smoke and Peppermint with V2Cig as alternative flavors, and didn’t really care for either. V2Cigs Peppermint wasn’t bad at all. I just would have liked a stronger flavor, and it has a funny aftertaste. The Chocolate from Green Smoke just wasn’t that yummy in my opinion. I love chocolate…not close enough.


As for price, the two brands are close. One thing I do respect is that both companies offer a lifetime warranty. Some kits are higher with Green Smoke, some higher with V2Cigs, but you have to look at what you’re getting with that order! No matter if the price was higher or lower, V2Cig is offering more for your buck in my eyes. If you don’t believe me, go take a look at both websites for yourself (Green Smoke / V2cigs). I ordered two similar kits from both companies, and what I got from V2Cig made Green Smoke look a little cheap to me. Was I impressed with Green Smoke? Yes, until I ordered V2Cigs.

You Can’t Go Wrong

In the long run, both brands are great. I’m sure some of you out there may be partial to Green Smoke for whatever reason, but as for me (and every smoker in my home) give me the V2Cig any day. Looks, vape, taste, cost, plus a lifetime warranty-V2Cig offers me the entire package. I enjoyed Green Smoke, but I wish I had saved that order for some custom V2Cig batteries!

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