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Coupon codes for iPage saved me a ridiculous percentage off the normal hosting expenses. I have used iPage personally to host one of my sites. Last time I saved over 75%. I used the following  promo discounts.

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My friend Pavlos and I are using iPage to host two of our sites (one being LifetoLiveit.com) and we have been very satisfied with them.  Here is why we decided to use iPage:

  • Very inexpensive.
    iPage is one of the cheapest hosting providers. We paid only $45.36 for 24 months hosting. Pretty good deal. This comes down to $1.89/month. Godaddy charges $119.76 and Hostgator $114.48 for the same period.
  • Good customer support.
    iPage live chat support is very fast to respond. Some times you may wait 5 minutes, while other times the response is immediate, like today. I contacted them because I wanted to know if they have Ion Cube loaders in the hosting plans
    iPage discount promotionsMy friend Pavlos and I had heard that iPage offers good support but it was only after we hosted our site with them that we were able to confirm what other people have experienced. As I was helping my Pavlos download WordPress and build his first site hosted on iPage, we faced two issues. In both cases, we thought that the problem we were dealing with had to do with the hosting provider so we contacted Life Chat support. Well, we were wrong. It was a WordPress issue. Still, the agent was eager to help us out solve our problem by logging into the backend of our site and correcting the .htaccess file. That was the first time. The second time the problem had to do with the way we created our URLs.  Here is my point: the iPage agent was eager to help us although the issue had nothing to do with hosting. See our communication below. In both cases, the representative who helped us was located in the US. While I have no problem with US companies that outsource their support to India, some customers do want to receive help from the US.Update: Today, I made a mistake as I was looking for ways to promote iPage. They have an affiliate program. I decided to sign up with their affiliate program and accidentally instead of filling the form for affiliates, I filled in the form to purchase one of their hosting plans! Yes, to sign up as an affiliate is a little confusing if you try to do it through iPage.com. I suggest you do it through CJ.com. Anyway, the point is that I ended up with an undesired bill in my credit card. I contacted iPage through their online chat system and they immediately refunded my account. I appreciate them even more now.You see, I have read many negative comments about iPage. I don’t know if they are fake (from nasty competitors) or true. But my experience with them is very good so far.
  • iPage coupons

    iPage discount codes are available in coupon sites all year around. This is another thing I like.

  • Free Cloud Space on JustCloud.com
    JustCloud.com has partnered  up with iPage. Once I bought hosting from iPage, I received an email from Just Cloud offering me 1GB of free space which I can use to back up important files from my computer.

Here are a few other things to keep in mind if you are thinking of hosting your site on iPage.

Control Panel is Different

The control panel is different than the typical one I have seen in other hosts (i.e JustHost, Bluehost, Godaddy etc). If you are used to the common cPanel, then the first time you visit iPage control panel, it may take a few minutes to find where each functionality is located. But it’s definitely user friendly.

Renewal Prices Are Much Higher

Having said that, I do find a few things I don’t like that much. iPage is very cheap only for the initial term. So, after your 1-, 2- or 3-year plan is over, the rate goes from $1.89 up to $8.49 a month for another 2-year service. Yikes!  So, if you are planning to host your site on iPage for a few years and take advantage of their “initial term” low prices, buy the 3-year plan right off the bat. This will lock the low monthly price for 36 months.

Purchase May Be Suspended

One thing I didn’t like at first is that as soon as I opened my account and paid through Paypal for web hosting and domain registration, my purchase was suspended for security reasons. I have had the same experience with other hosting companies, like MyDomain.com. This temporary suspension may occur because the system recognizes that I am placing the order from overseas (a country in Europe in that case) so… perhaps they want to avoid fraud? Here is the message I got:

Purchase Suspended 1

However, the suspension was waived in less than 30 minutes, and I received the welcome email with all the details of my account. I also contacted live chat support and they confirmed everything was set up and ready to go.

iPage Review

John Carlstrom has published a great review of iPage. Have a look:

Live chat with iPage hosting

Below, I have posted the conversation my friend Pavlos had with a customer rep from iPage. Pavlos had just bought a hosting package and through the cPanel he had downloaded WordPress in order to build his brand new site.  He created a few pages (like “contact” “policy” etc,) and he noticed the pages would not open at all. At this point he started chatting with Godson from the Live Chat Help of iPage.

Godson D: Hi Pavlos, I apologize for the wait time. My name is Godson, how are you today?

Pavlos: Hello, Godson, I am o.k, just out of curiosity: what country I am connected to now?

Godson D: Our headquarters are in Burlington, MA.

Godson D: USA.

Pavlos: o.k I am writing from Greece….I am going on with my question…can you check from where you are if I have downloaded WordPress correctly because two (2) pages I have created do not open at all. Is there a problem with the server or something?

Godson D: Could you please let me know with the URL of the page where you are experiencing the issue?

Pavlos: of course…give me second! One of the two pages is: http://www.lifetoliveit.com/contact/ but basically nothing opens even the existing pages like “”Hello World”…

Godson D: I completely understand your concern and would be more than happy to look into your issue right away.To protect your account from unauthorized changes, can you please verify for me the answer to the Security Question: What city were you born in?

Pavlos: XXXX

Godson D: Thank you for the authentication. May I place you on hold while I review your account and get back to you within 3 to 4 minutes? Pavlos: o.k I am waiting! …Look Godson, It seems to be working now!

Godson D: Thank you for holding. Resolved your issue. Corrected the permalinks and resolved the issue.

Pavlos: can I ask? was it my fault? What exactly was wrong?

Godson D: You can refer more information about permalinks at: http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Permalinks I have added permalink code to .htaccess file and resolved the issue.

Pavlos: sorry to insist…did I forget to add this OR it was beyond my control?

Godson D: Pavlos, you need to manage WordPress from your end. You can refer WordPress help forum or contact WordPress support for more information about WordPress issue and set up. You will able to edit .htaccess file using FTP and FileManager.

Pavlos: o.k I have written this down. Thank you for your help, Godson!

Godson D: You’re welcome! Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

Pavlos: No, this is it. You solved the problem. Thank you.

iPage Coupon Codes

Being an affiliate of iPage gives me have access to special discount deals and  iPage coupon codes. I will be updating this page with the latest promotions every month.

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