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Coupon codes for iStock photo can save you up to 14%. I use them when I buy images for my blogs. You may, too, look for royalty free photos to use in a presentation, a journal, or a blog, but you are concerned about the cost. I thought I would put together this list of coupons so that you can too buy iStockphoto at a discount.

Save 8% when you buy 30 credits or less

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Save 12% when you buy 45 to 150 credits

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Save 14% when you buy 360 credits or more

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Photos I Have Purchased from iStock

As a professional blogger, I have visited several times to buy high quality photos. Here are a few of them:

istock photo coupon

To find this image I searched for “young people beach”. A huge selection of relevant pictures appeared including this particular photo. I like how professional, artistic, clean, and live this photo is.

Here is another one:

Young man giving piggyback to woman

I used this photo to design the header of one of my health blogs. Doesn’t it spark feelings of energy, vitality, and joy?

What is iStock Photos?

iStock Photos is a site owned by GettyImages, an American stock photo agency. iStock offers royalty-free stock photos, illustrations, video and audio files. Creative professionals can find photos in hundreds of categories. The photos are of a high quality as iStock’s acceptance standards are pretty high.

The site is very easy to use and you can search based on keywords or you can look for inspiration by browsing in one of the many listed categories.

Photographers and illustrators can list their work on iStock and earn a commission when their work sells. The process is longer than for listing work on some other sites. You must complete an application and submit samples. The commission starts at 15%. If, however, you are willing to sell exclusively on iStock, you can earn up to 45% commission.

Why I love – Key Features and Benefits

Below are some of the iStock features that I like:

  • It is very easy to find the exact image that I need thanks to the user-friendly search features.
  • All of the images and illustrations are of a high quality.
  • Opportunity for artists to earn a high commission if they sell exclusively with iStock.
  • New stock is added all the time, so I can always find fresh material.
  • The site includes articles that help both photographers and designers in their work.

iStock Cons – Disadvantages

For all that I like about iStock, I noted some disadvantages as well.

  • The images are more expensive than on many other stock photo sites.
  • If you buy a package of credits, they expire after one year. I don’t think there should be an expiration date on the credits.
  • Some of the images cost as little as 2 credits. Others cost up to 100 credits. I would prefer that iStock create a simpler pricing system.

What Stores Might be Better than Thinkstock

Key competitors include:

  • Thinkstock
  • Dreamstime
  • Big Stock Photo
  • Shutterstock
  • Getty Images

How Does iStock Compare to Similar Merchants?

I looked at some other stock photo sites for comparison. I noticed that many offered less expensive stock photos that were also of good quality. The first site that I looked at was Dreamstime. Dreamstime offers photos for as little as 20 cents each. They do have a lot of good quality photos, but not all of the stock on this site is as good of a quality as at iStock. Still, if you’re willing to hunt for the quality that you need, this site is a good choice. For photographers and artists, this site offers the chance to sell your work, and it is easier to get accepted than it is at iStock.

Another site that I looked at was Thinkstock. Their images were also a little pricey, but the quality was very good. This site was also very easy to use, and I was able to find images for every keyword for which I searched.

All of the sites offer instant access to the stock files that you purchase and are quite easy to use. The difference is going to be in the quality and the cost. Most sites had some good quality items, so if cost is your first concern, you might want to start your search on a site other than iStock.

What is the Cost?

Below are some examples of the pricing for credits and packages offered by iStock.

  • 10 credits: $19.99
  • 30 credits: $54.90 (use the promo code for istockphoto shown above to save 8%)
  • 60 credits: $99.99 (use the discount coupon shown above to save 12%)
  • 150 credits $239.99
  • 360 credits $558.99 (use the coupon for iStock available above to save 14%)

When buying a subscription, you can choose the number of credits that you want per day. This allows you to buy just what you need. If you run out of credits while using a subscription, you can buy an add-on pack of credits to get you through.

They accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diner’s Club and PayPal.

What are Others Saying?

Reviews both from contributors to iStock and those who buy images there are mixed. Many mentioned that the prices have gone up quite a bit in recent years. One woman said that iStock used to be her go-to site for all of her stock image needs. In the last few years, however, she noticed that the quality has stayed the same while the prices have steadily climbed.

Another man said that he is willing to pay more because he finds the quality to be far better than on other stock photo sites.

One contributor complained that about 50% of his submitted files are rejected. He also said that his sales have dropped considerably in the last year and thinks it is because of the high prices on iStock as compared to other stock photo sites.

Most agree that the quality is fantastic. Some mentioned, as I did above, that the pricing system is a bit confusing and could use an overhaul.

iStockphoto Promo Codes

As an affiliate of iStockphoto, I will be publishing all current promo codes for you in this page. So, come back again!

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