Ken and Candi Reese on Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem Day 1Day 1: Unboxing

Follow along as Ken and Candi Reese join Nutrisystem for 12 weeks. This is Day 1.


Nutrisystem Day 2Day 2: Shake Tasting

“We’re on Day 2 of Nutrisystem right now and things are going great."


Nutrisystem Week 2Week 2: 14 lb Down

“Today we had beans and ham soup from Nutrisystem! I’ve lost 3% of my weight."


Nutrisystem month 1 Week 4: 20 lb Down

This week, Candi and Ken 'weigh in’ on their one month results. They are already starting to see results using Nutrisystem.


typical menuWeek 6: Typical Menu

After one month and half Candi has lost 16 lb. She shares with us her meal for the day.


Nutrisystem month 2Week 8: Nutrisystem Results

Ken has lost a total of 25.6 lb  and Candi has lost 20.3 lb in total.”

Week 10 on NutrisystemWeek 10: 26 lb Down

Ken has lost 26 lb and Candi has so far lost 24 lb.



 Nutrisystem after 3 monthsWeek 12: 32 lb Down

“I lost 32 pounds,” Ken says.

“And I lost 26", says Candi