My Best and Worst Nutrisystem Meals

Jane_150by Jane, Boston, MA

We all have our favorites! Overall I was pleased with the quality of food on Nutrisystem, and I thought the level of variety was great. But of course, some of the foods stood out as my favorites, while others I didn’t like as much.

I thought I’d restrict this article to meal options that are still available now. Many of my favorite frozen meals are no longer available, and I haven’t tried many of the frozen meals that are now available.

Eight options I loved…

Ten of my favorite options, which I returned to over and over, were:

  1. Cheese Tortellini. I liked this a lot because it was so easy to just throw in my bag and heat up at work. I ended up having this for lunch for almost a whole month. Heck yeah! If you love something, why not eat it every day? Pro tip on the cheese tortellini: you have to make sure you get it heated all the way through. If you don’t get it very hot, it can be a little gritty.
  2. Cheese Puffs. I am normally not a fan of salty snacks, so I didn’t really expect to be a fan of these cheese puffs. But I ended up loving them. They were a nice break from sweet desserts, and made a great snack. The bag is really big, and they have a sort of earthy flavor that doesn’t taste exactly like normal snack chips, but is really delicious.
  3. Ravioli in Basil Tomato Sauce. I was a huge fan of this because there was a lot of sauce that would cover whatever vegetables I prepared on the side, and it made the whole thing taste like a real meal. The ravioli is kind of thick and dense, but it has a nice flavor and is very satisfying.
  4. Ice cream sandwich. What do I have to say about it? It’s an ice cream sandwich! And it tastes like an ice cream sandwich. In other words, it tastes amazing. (Unless it gets at all unfrozen, and then it turns into yellowish water and gets hard and awful. Keep the frozen desserts frozen! For real!)
  5. Chocolate frosted donuts. This looks like a list of the least healthy foods in the world – I wonder what that says about my preferences. Anyway, this became a favorite even though it doesn’t taste like chocolate, or frosting, or a donut. It has a cakey texture and tastes almost like a snack cake, and I really liked them.
  6. Chicken Alfredo. The chicken alfredo was a satisfying meal that I found I could eat many days in a row. It’s really great with peas added to it.
  7. Macaroni and cheese. For months, this was on my “least favorites” list, because I couldn’t make it right. You know why? I wasn’t following the directions. The microwave way doesn’t really work. You have to boil water (in the microwave is fine), pour it in, and then leave it for about 8 to 10 minutes. And once I did that, it was great!
  8. Coffee protein shake. So good. I can’t say more than that. I was obsessed with these shakes. They taste like coffee ice cream, and they’re wonderful.

And two options I didn’t like.

  1. Mushroom Risotto. No. Just no. This was the only meal I felt wasn’t at all good, that I actually couldn’t eat. I know everyone has his or her own tastes, but this was… not good.
  2. Chicken Breast. Hm. A chicken breast I can keep on the bookshelf for six months already seems a little weird, I’ll admit. But I gave it a shot. It doesn’t taste bad, but it just tastes like a big chunk of canned tuna. I imagine it would make an okay salad, but it wasn’t enjoyable as the serving suggestion.


Overall, the frozen desserts are all great. Most of the pasta dishes are really good. Lots of the snacks are more sweet than I’d like (I’m looking at you, apple streudel bar), but lots of them are just right (hello, peppermint crisp cookie). The burritos are surprisingly good, but the pudding… never set for me. You have to try it and see what you like, and then stick with that!

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