Nutrisystem Results After 2 Months

In this video, Candi updates viewers on how her Nutrisystem experience is going after 2 months on the plan. First, however, Candi shows us her new hair. She looks great and this diet appears to be working for her! It’s awesome that Candi is changing up her life in other ways too. Candi shows us some framed photos of her wedding day and children.

Carly holds up the board so we can all see. Ken says that he has lost 20 pounds the first month and only 5.6 the second month.


“Here’s month 2, week 5, what we lost,” Candi says. “Ken lost 2.5, I lost 2.8. Week 6, Ken lost 1.2, I lost 1.5 lb. Oh look, I won, I won. Week 7, I lost 2.1 and Ken gained almost half a pound. Week 8, he finally won a week, he lost 2.2, and I lost 1.9 pounds. So I lost a total of 8.3 for the month, Ken only lost a total of 5.5lb, add the 20.1 lb that he lost the first month, and he’s lost a total of 25.6 lb. For me, I lost 12 pounds the first month. Add in the 8.3 I lost the second month, and I’ve lost 20.3 lb in total.”

Candi asks Ken if he has his phone and whether he can calculate how much they’ve lost. Ken does the math and says that he has lost 7.8% of his total body weight. Candi does the math and says that she’s lost 9.18% and gloats in her victory! They’re so funny together.

Candi asks Ken if he has anything to say about month 2 on Nutrisystem and why he has stalled. Ken says he was 'stagnant’ and that he didn’t exercise as much as he should have. He points the finger at Candi and says she’s barely eating! Candi counters and says she doesn’t always eat the snacks.

“Here’s the thing that I like about Nutrisystem,” Candi says, and points out to Ken that she’s not going to exercise. “My activity is the same as what it was before we did Nutrisystem, and I’m losing weight, and I don’t think that I would’ve done this without Nutrisystem.”

Ken and Candi say that they wouldn’t have done this without Nutrisystem and also comment that they’re eating less and healthier when they go out. Candi says that Ken rocked month one and she rocked month two. Ken jokes that she’s not eating as much and that’s why she won! Candi also asks Ken if he likes the fact that he could go online and look at the menu and order. “Yes, there’s no more cheese tortellini in my diet!” Ken says.


Candi: We have one more month to be on Nutrisystem, and then we will be on our own. We'll see how it goes.

Candi goes to the other room to end the video. She tells the viewers that they’re going off Nutrisystem for five days while they go to New York City for Thanksgiving vacation. “It’ll be kind of interesting to see how that goes, if we end up gaining weight, which I don’t think I will, because I’ve eaten regular foods here and there and I'm still losing two pounds each week. We’ll see how it goes. Only four more weeks on Nutrisystem, and then we're going to have to work hard to keep losing on our own!” Candi says.

It's very impressive that Candi's lost so much without really being as active as she was going to be. Are you guys impressed with Candi and Ken’s weight loss? That cheese tortellini meal sounds pretty good as well, it's a shame that Ken stopped getting it!

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