Nutrisystem Results after 3 Months: 32 lbs Lost

For Ken and Candi, Nutrisystem was a great way to jumpstart their weight loss journey. They video recorded their Nutrisystem weight loss progress for 3 months.  Let's see their final weight loss Nutrisystem results:

Candi introduces herself and Ken for their last Nutrisystem video! “We’re here to do our final update for Nutrisystem. We actually started it at the end of September, so it’s been 13 weeks since we started it. We skipped a week because we were in New York City and knew we wouldn’t be on it at that time.”

Candi points to the whiteboard with their final results. “We have Month 1, Month 2, and Month 3 total.”

Nutrisystem results

“I lost 32 pounds,” Ken says.

“And I lost 26, so we both lost right around 10% of our body weight,” Candi says. “Not our goal, I didn’t have a specific goal…”

“Dad did,” said Carly.

Nutrisystem Teaches You Portion Control

Ken says: “The best part of Nutrisystem is I think portion control—it teaches you portion control. It also teaches you to eat more frequently than your traditional two meals a day pigging out or possibly three, and it reduces salt intake. The negatives? You kind of get sick of it.”

“I feel like every month that it went on it got harder, not easier,” Candi agrees.

Favorite Meals

Ken says that the Turkey Medallions were his favorite. Candi says that her favorite was the Salisbury Steak and Macaroni & Cheese. Ken’s least favorite was the cheese tortellini, and Carly brings up that they didn’t really like the cheese puffs. Ken liked the snacks, particularly the white cheddar popcorn.

You Can Customize Your Menu

“The third session, I called and had my food changed to what I wanted, so that was a lot better,” Ken says.

Both Ken and Candi agree that the milkshakes were good. “Overall, I feel the program does a great start to get your weight loss going. If we only needed to lose 30 pounds, we’d probably be thrilled to death, but we need to lose more than 30 pounds.”

Sleeping Better – Feeling Better

Candi says that her clothes fit her again, she feels better, and she sleeps better. She says that Nutrisystem is very simple and makes it easy to start losing weight.

It's Worth It

“In a nutshell, it’s worth it, you should try it if you’re looking to lose some weight. 30 pounds is pretty good,” Ken says.

The Program is Forgiving: You Cheat and You still Lose Weight

Ken admits they didn’t follow all of the program exactly and didn’t work out as much as they should. Candi says she feels that it’s reduced her appetite. Ken says he feels better as well.

To ask Candi and Ken any questions about Nutrisystem, head over to They have some before & after photos up too. Have you enjoyed watching Ken and Candi’s weight loss journey? Would you ever try Nutrisystem? Let us know what you think.

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