5 Reasons to Love Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

Haven’t decided yet whether to try Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes?

I understand. Of course, you’ll want to know more about what you’re getting into!

So here’s the big picture: Green Smoke® e-cigarettes are a great new smoking alternative that has ALL the good stuff (taste, quality, and the freedom to smoke them virtually anywhere) – and NONE of the bad (no ash, odor, cigarette butts, or smokers’ breath)!

How has Green Smoke achieved this?

Simple. Electronic cigarettes look, taste, and feel just like traditional tobacco cigarettes. Same shape. Same nicotine release. The difference? E-cigarettes are battery-powered – producing vapor instead of smoke. Simply and smartly designed too! Just screw together the two components – a cartridge pre-filled with smoking liquid and a battery that activates when you inhale – and “vape” away!

More importantly, Green Smoke® e-cigarettes are made with YOUR needs and preferences in mind!

  • Rich flavor – Enjoy eight* great options (Absolute Tobacco, Red Label Tobacco, Tobacco Gold, Menthol Ice, Smooth Chocolate, Mocha Mist, Mountain Clove, and Vanilla Dreams) – with more to come.
  • Nicotine strengths – Choose from 0% to 2.4% – till you find the level you’re used to.
  • Affordability – Their advanced FlavorMax™ technology maximizes flavor and produces exceptionally high smoke volumes. One cartridge equals 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes in smoke volume!
  • Reliability – Check out their long-lasting long or short batteries – good for 400 puffs per charge (about 33 cigarettes) or 300 puffs per charge (about 25 cigarettes), respectively.
  • Convenience – Get rid of ashtrays and yucky smell in your hair, clothes, or car! Smoke anywhere, anytime without interrupting family events or social and business situations!

Personally, I don’t need more convincing. But if you do see what Green Smoke® e-cigarette smokers are saying:

” … Since I got my Green Smoke® Starter Kit I smell great! This is a breakthrough into a whole new world of clean, affordable, great-tasting, no-hassle way of recreational smoking!” – Chris Spencer, Levittown, NY

Green Smoke offers an absolutely amazing smoking experience. The amount of vapor it produces provides a truly realistic smoking sensation.” – Ken Blair, Sutherlin, OR

“Green Smoke® e-cigs provide flawless performance, excellent battery life, TONS of vapor, and bold flavors. For my money, Green Smoke® has the best electronic cigarette on the market.” – Stef Tanguay, Hamden, CT

Give it a try. Check out our Green Smoke review and coupons page. Or visit their website at www.greensmoke.com for more information on electronic cigarettes and how you can start enjoying them.