Shake Tasting & Frozen Foods – Nutrisystem Day 2

For Ken and Candi, Nutrisystem was a great way to jumpstart their weight loss journey. They video recorded their Nutrisystem weight loss progress for 3 months. Let's see how Day 2 was like: Today, they tried the Nutrisystem shakes, and they opened the box with the frozen food.

Ken and Candi start off by having a little fun with dry ice! The family enjoys seeing the chemical reactions when you put dry ice into water—there’s a huge reaction! Candi and Ken move on to talking about the shakes that come in the Nutrisystem box. Ken and Candi both really liked the shakes that came in the Fast 5 boxes. Their children Andrew and Karli agree to sample some of the shakes.

Kids tasting Nutrisystem Shakes

“Do you want me to describe the texture?” Andrew asks. He tries the chocolate shake and thinks. “Sort of thick, awkward aftertaste. It’s okay… tastes like Nesquik!”

Candi asks Andrew, “It tastes like chocolate milk, don’t you think?”

“Not at all,” Andrew says. They have Karli try it. “Do you like it?” Candi asks.

“Not really, it’s a little too cold,” Karli says, and says that it tastes like there’s banana and chocolate milk in it. Candi says they can trade, and Karli can drink the shake and Candi will eat the cereal. Karli agrees but then says Candi isn’t allowed it on Nutrisystem. Chase tries some and drinks it. He thinks it’s good. Blake says hi but doesn’t try the shake.

Candi asks Ken how his Nutrisystem diet is going on Day 2. Ken says Day 1 was fine but then he got really hungry so he went to bed. On Day 2, Ken says that he forgot to eat twice and has only eaten about 800 calories. “Overall, the food’s been good, the flatbread pizza was nuts.” He says that the food has been more like what Candi would like and not to his taste with foods like tortellini, etc, and that he wants some steak! Candi says there’s steak and quesadillas for next week in the freezer.

Earlier that day Candi and Karli open their Nutrisystem frozen food, marking the boxes with “K” and “C” to keep them organized. Inside the box are fudge bars, orange cream bars, red velvet whoopee pies and ice cream sandwiches. “The crazy thing is, I feel like I’m going to be eating more desserts than I ever have in my life,” Candi says.

They go through the boxes and see what else there is. “Italian style turkey, Italian sausage melt, meatball parmesan, chicken, Salisbury steak and mac and cheese, stuffed shells, mushroom stuffed chicken breast, broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken breast,” Candi says. “That sounds good!”

Karli wants to be on Nutrisystem too. They zoom in on an Italian Sausage & Chicken Pizza. “Ooh, that looks good! Chicken & cheese quesadilla?” Candi says to Karli. “We’re allowed salsa, so we can put some salsa on top—that’ll be good!”

Having shown everyone what they received for the frozen food from Nutrisystem, Candi signs off with the viewers. “We’re on Day 2 of Nutrisystem right now and things are going great. We’ll probably post an update this weekend to let you know how the first week went!”

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