My V2 Cigs Review – Goodbye Tobacco

By Imani Cliborne

As some of my friends know, I was a tobacco smoker since my first year in high school, and I’ve been struggling to quit for the last few years. I got tired of the taste and that gruesome smell. Some of my friends made the switch to e-cigs, and I went on a journey to see if it was for me. I tried numerous brands…some were decent, and others were downright crap. Before V2Cigs I tried GreenSmoke and I enjoyed it, but wanted to see if any other brand was a little more satisfying. One of my friends, JayCee, was raving about V2Cigs so I decided to give them a try.

When I went on the site, I was amazed by the variety of package deals they had. I ordered the Ultimate (that’s just my style), but they also have Beginners Kits, Standard Kits, Couple Kits, etc. See a comparison table of all Starter Kits here. There are so many affordable choices you’re really not limited at all. The site itself is awesome as well. Very easy to navigate, simple, and clean. I love that. I think what impressed me most once I was looking around was the variety of ways you can customize your V2Cig experience…from different color batteries, custom battery styles (amazing), to multiple accessories. I think the only hard part was making a choice!! But, as I said, I went with the Ultimate Kit. I picked black batteries, white portable charging case, grey metal carrying case, a black lanyard, and multiple charging options, plus 5 packs of cartomizers! The whole kit is customizable!! You even have a choice for an automatic battery or a manual (push button) battery. Something for everyone! As I always say, you can’t base a product performance on look or a website, but it definitely sells the package—and I was sold!

Watch Me Opening the Box

Opening the Box

V2cigs Ultimate kit_box_a

The package

Just a few days after placing my order, my box was here right on time! As I opened the Ultimate Kit, I was so impressed I almost didn’t want to touch anything! It was put together so beautifully. Definitely the most impressed packaging I have seen. To me, if a company puts that much care putting a kit together, you can bet they care about their customers. Everything was there, exactly as I ordered.


Cartomizer boxes (left) and batteries (right)

One of my instant favorite things was the portable charging case. Very sleek and stylish! I’ve always been into old pin up girl posters, and had this tiny obsession with the long, extended cigarettes they had. The long battery reminded me of that! I felt so posh! But we can’t base this on looks alone. So…

V2cigs Ultimate Kit_Review

All the components of the Ultimate Kit

How Did V2cigs Perform?

I loved it! If I had to do this review in 3 words, that would be it…I loved it! From the first puff, I noticed how thick the vapor was. Thick and so smooth! I went with the medium nicotine level in Menthol and Peppermint. I was more fond of the Menthol myself, but the Peppermint wasn’t bad at all. Just would have liked a little more flavor from it. Now comparing the Menthol V2Cig to a conventional tobacco menthol cigarette—give me the V2Cig. You’ve got the “smoke” thickness, the strength of your drag/puff, and the craving for nicotine met without that nasty smell or taste. Personally, the Menthol flavor from V2Cig tastes better than any menthol cigarette I’ve had in a LONG time.


Menthol and Peppermint cartomizers


Before we go any further—can you say “lifetime warranty”? V2Cigs can! They have a lifetime warranty that if anything goes wrong with your product, they will take care of that for you! How perfect is that? Honestly, not many ecig companies provide that, so I was actually taken back a little. That is great customer care, and having spent my money on the product, I appreciate that level of support.

V2cig whole

Cartomizers (green) attached to two batteries (black) of different length

Eliminating Tobacco Desire

As for my nicotine craving, V2Cig did the job well! I have been off conventional cigs a few weeks now, and while I have “quit” I can get the urge now and again. My V2Cig totally curbed that craving—even though I went with the medium level. This is definitely a plus to me, as I was using the higher levels with other brands, and still felt the need for my old bad habit from time to time (and sometimes right after). That was never an issue with V2Cig and still isn’t. I have still not had a conventional smoke, which I hadn’t already…but now I really don’t want one. That is what I cared the most about. Sure a product can look nice and come with the best packaging, but if at the end of the day I would rather have another product, it really doesn’t do me any good. V2Cig met my challenge, and went above and beyond my expectations.

V2cigs Cons

Did I have any cons? One, and one only! My long battery will not fit into my metal carrying case. It’s just about ¼ inch too long. However, V2Cig covered that too! The long battery fits into the portable charging case! So, not a really big deal in the end. That is my only complaint. In the long run, I’ve been so happy with the quality of the V2Cigs, I can’t even imagine making an issue out of something like that! So, let’s list the pros!

V2cigs Pros

  • Sleek and stylish
  • Easy to order with a lifetime warranty
  • Customizable kits
  • GREAT vape quality
  • GREAT nicotine supply/choices
  • One of the best Menthols I’ve ever tasted, e-cig or conventional
  • Continuous charge
  • Multiple charging options

A V2cigs Fan

Long story made short, I am now a V2Cig girl! I won’t even call them ecigs now. They are V-Cigs to me! If anyone out there reading this is considering making the switch from tobacco cigarettes to vaping, this is a brand I definitely give my stamp of approval to try. You probably won’t want to try another! By the way, many of my friends vape instead of smoke, and I always ask to taste their brand of choice. I haven’t had one yet to top V2Cigs or even come remotely close. I even gave away my other brand kits!

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