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V2cigs coupon codes are available all year around. At Zorqe.com, we endorse V2cigs for their thick, satisfying flavor, low prices, and their 100% money back guarantee. It’s undoubtedly the best alternative to tobacco.

As a tobacco smoker, I have recently switched to electronic cigarettes and have no regrets. I just purchased the Ultimate Kit from V2 cigs at a discount using the coupon code below. V2 cigs are not only free of all tobacco chemicals, they taste fantastic too! V2cigs products are often on sale which can be up to 45% off. You can use one of the promo codes below to get additional savings.

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Enter our code ZORQE15 at checkout at V2cigs.com to SAVE 15% off Starter Kits!. This discount is on top of the general V2 cigs sales which currently for some items are 40% off.

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V2cigs versus other e-Cigarettes

There are many electronic cigarettes in the market having a different flavor, quality, and cost. What makes V2cigs stand out? According to customer testimonials, V2cigs have the best quality, value, flavors, and customer service. Cheap imitations do exist. If your ecig has broken parts, a poor vapor production and tastes bad, it’s definitely not a V2cig!

V2 products are designed for those who want to enjoy the “act” of smoking in a quality, safe, and inexpensive way. Their team of scientists research constantly and improve the quality of V2 e-cigarettes.

How can you tell you are smoking a true V2?

4.2V Battery. Look at the battery. It’s the only 4.2V used in the industry. This unique battery supports a thick and pleasurable vapor production.

Auto Shut Off. A very practical feature of V2cigs is that they automatically shut off when you are not using them. This saves the battery life.

Easy Assembly. V2 e-cigarettes consist of 2 parts. They are set up simply by screwing the cartridge onto the charged battery. The cartridges are not only disposable but also re-fillable. In contrast, imitations often comprise of 3 pieces, they leak, and require that you clean them all the time.

Compatibility with other Brands. Did you know that V2cigs competitors’ batteries are not compatible with the cartridges of other brands? This is a nasty trick that forces you to buy re-fills only from them. That’s not the case with V2. Their batteries are the industry’s standard size so they can fit to several other brands. This shows how confident they are in their product. They know that once you experience the quality of their vapor, the amazing value, and the #1 ranked customer service, tehy will become your favorite e-cigarette brand.

5 Reasons You Should Choose V2cigs

1.Caring Customer Service

How many times have you a called customer service only to be put on hold for 20, 30, 45 minutes? I hate that! Even worse, companies some time give you the email option as the only means to contact them. You then wait for few days to receive their response. (I recently had a bad communication experience with a company. They never ever responded to my emails. But they did charge my credit card over $150.) With V2cigs customer service is a delight. They are available 6 days a week. Call them on the toll-free number 1-877-37-VAPOR. Live chat is available too. No, you will not be talking to a guy from an eastern developing country. The customer service agents use V2 products themselves so they can help you choose the right product that fits your needs. No wonder why clients have rated V2cig #1 in customer service.

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2. It Saves You Money – V2Cigs Coupon Codes

The price of tobacco cigarettes continuously rises north of $10 a package. The average tobacco smoker spends thousands of dollars every year on cigarettes. That’s money he could have spent on his children education, paying bills, or on vacation. V2 offers discounts that lower the cost down to $2 per cartridge. When was the last time you bought a pack of cigarettes for $2?

V2cigs often publish coupon codes that drop the price of their products by 10%.

3. Variety

V2cigs caters to the different needs of each customer. Different colors (from basic white to sleek stainless steel), sizes (shorty, standard, long) and battery styles (automatic or manual) serve your individual preferences.

4. Guarantee

A lifetime guarantee backs the quality of V2cigs. In addition, if you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

5. You Choose Your Nicotine Strength

With 5 different nicotine strength levels ranging from 2.4% to 0%, you can enjoy the nicotine concentration that is best for you. Also, some people use this nicotine level variation in order to progressively free themselves from the nicotine addiction.

If you enjoy electronic smoking, you have nothing to lose trying V2cigs. In fact, chances are you will enjoy the unparalleled quality that you will make V2cigs your brand of choice.

Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular. Some experts believe that ecigs are leading the tobacco industry’s endgame.

As an affiliate of V2cigs I endorse their product and offer a special V2cigs coupon code that will save you 10%.

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V2cigs coupon codes are available all year around. At Zorqe.com, we endorse V2cigs for their thick, satisfying flavor, low prices, and their 100% money back guarantee. It’s undoubtedly the best alternative to tobacco.