Nutrisystem After 1 Month: 10 lbs Down, Feeling Great

Amberby Amber

Hi, I am Amber Edwards and I would like to check in with you and let you know how Nutrisystem is going for me. I just completed week 4, and as of yesterday, I have now lost over 10 pounds. In fact, I am now wearing the shirt I have not been able to wear in 3 years, because with Nutrisystem I was able to trim down my waist enough so that it now fits. It's great and I am feeling wonderful. 

For all those who are new to the term Nutrisystem, it is a diet program that is clinically proven for its effective results. I found the menu very interesting as there is a large variety of food available with it. The food is in the form of pre-packaged shelf-stable items or restaurant-quality fresh-frozen meals

10 Pounds Down – Very Excited

I have been under the Nutrisystem diet program for the past four weeks and I can see some amazing changes in my weight. I am happy to inform you all that I lost almost ten pounds (10.4 pounds to be precise!). This really makes me feel confident now because I was able to shed down my extra weight in just four weeks. I have been worrying about my weight gain for the past three years and none of the diet programs helped me to reduce my excess body weight. Now that I lost a few pounds, I was able to fit myself in all those clothes which were too small for me. I am quite excited right now because I can see changes in me in just four weeks of using the diet program. I am sure about shedding some more weight in the days to come as there are three more months left for the diet program to get completed.

Keeping Hydrated


The point I would like to share with you all is that the diet program is very effective. I just completed a month, but what I can see is that the diet program helps me drink a lot of water and always keeps me hydrated. Water is very important to keep the toxic substances away from our body. Consuming a lot of water makes us stay healthy in every way. I feel Nutrisystem really makes this easy for us all as the diet program package provides a bottle with the correct estimation of volume needed by an individual. I have two bottles per day or sometimes three in a hot sunny day. It really makes my day because I find it easy to use the bottle for my water requirements and is very helpful. It is also wonderful that the bottle is quite affordable for me and this is one good thing about Nutrisystem.

My Trick with Popsicles


The next thing I want to say is about making popsicles. I am very much fond of popsicles but I do worry about their calorie content. So, I found an alternative. I am using my favorite zero calorie, zero sugar drink and I make popsicles. It's very easy. You just mix it up, pour it in the popsicle container, freeze it and that's it.  This really fascinated me because I am a great lover of popsicles and I wouldn't like to sacrifice it for the diet program. This is helpful especially on the summer days when I cannot afford to miss these popsicles. The Nutrisystem diet program never made me miss any of my favorite food.

The Food is Good

The food included in the diet program is not disgusting at all. It is different from the food that we take normally. The food normally taken has a high value of calories, fat, etc that is not good for your health. I will say that the Nutrisystem foods are designed to be rich in nutrients that are important to make your body stay healthy without gaining weight. I can definitely say that the taste of the Nutrisystem food in pretty good. For the first time users, I would recommend the fresh frozen meals that taste somewhat similar to the "bad" foods that we used to eat, that we are not supposed to eat any more. From there, I got accustomed to eating the pantry-like Nutrisystem food items, and by then my body got used to eating the healthier foods versus the high fat foods. The variety of food they provide is really so big that I can easily match the Nutrisystem food with what my family was eating. For example, when they have pasta  one night, I have my healthy pasta too, from the diet program. In this way, I never felt like missing the normal food items. Likewise, I can quote many examples of the food items. I can assure you that I never felt I was missing out at all. When my family has roast with potatoes, I have my own roast with potatoes which is healthier so I don't feel I am missing out.  With the vast variety Nutrisystem has, I could sync with my family.

I Love the Desserts!


The other great thing about Nutrisystem is that they allow me to have desserts. I get a treat every single day. And that has been amazing as it helped my compulsive eating toward sugar. My absolute favorite is the ice-cream sandwich. It's really good. I honestly cannot tell the difference between this and the ones that I used to get that were really bad for me.

It is a great feeling to have a different way of eating and trying different, but healthier food stuff. It is good to have a healthier nutrient rich food in my diet program and this is possible through the Nutrisystem. I feel great about seeing some results after being in the diet program for 4 weeks. And losing ten pounds really excites me. I didn’t have any struggle to achieve this feat. So I would like to talk more about the diet program next month, that is, after four more weeks of being in this diet program. I will be sharing about the new things I have learned about these healthy food products. Now, I would like to thank you all for going through my review.


Editor's note: Amber is the owner of the wonderful site Busy Creating Menories. She lives in Wasatch Front of Utah near SLC and she is mom to 4 adorable children.

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