What Are The Best Electronic Cigarettes?

What are the Best Electronic Cigarettes?

Being a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes have increased in popularity since their advent in 2007. Two of the best electronic cigarettes today are V2cigs and Green Smoke. Both companies have managed to develop e-cigarettes that emulate the tobacco smoking experience without the negative health consequences associated with inhalation of tar and carbon monoxide.


V2cigs has over 1 million satisfied customers in the US alone. Here are some of the reasons this e-cigarette brand enjoys such popularity:

  • Rich Smoke. V2cigs have a button on them. When you press it and inhale at the same time, the device produces nicotine vapor. Unlike other e-cigs that require that you puff too hard to get the vapor (leaving you almost out of breath), the V2cigs produce thick smoke-like vapor only with a gentle puff, resembling the act of tobacco smoking.
  • Lifetime Warranty. Unlike their competitors, V2cigs back their product with a guarantee for life.
  • Low Price. The price of a single cartridge, and that of the Entry Starter Kit, are lower than these of their main competitors (Snoke, AirSmoke, GreenSmoke). V2cigs coupons are available too.
    V2cigs Starter Kit
  • Rewards Program. Their referral program enables you to significantly reduce your monthly smoking expenses. None of the other e-cig brands gives you this opportunity.
  • Customizable Flavor. Not only can you select the flavor you most enjoy, you can choose the strength (nicotine percentage). For example, you can get the V2 Menthol at 2.4% or the Congress at 1.8% strength.
  • More Flavor Choices. V2cigs have 10 flavor choices, more than the majority of the other brands.
    V2cigs Flavors
  • Batch Testing Available. You enter the batch number of your V2 flavor cartridge on the company’s site and you get quality assurance results. Other brands do not provide this quality feature.

Green Smoke

After spending hundreds of hours researching and developing a product that models the tobacco smoking experience, minus the toxic tar and carbon monoxide, Green Smoke has become one of the industry leaders in e-cigarettes. Here is why:

    • 2-Part e-Cig. Many low-quality e-cigs consist of multiple parts. Green Smoke, however, like V2cigs, consist of only 2 components: A battery and a cartridge. You simply screw them together and you are done. When you want to replace the old empty cartridge you simply unscrew it from the battery and you place the new one.
    • Aesthetically Pleasing. The overall look and feel (color, size, shape) of the device resembles a conventional cigarette. It even has a LED at the end that glows upon each puff just like a traditional lit cigarette. What’s more, the vapor is as thick as that in the true act of smoking. Many e-cigarettes in the market cannot imitate true smoke that comes out of your month (and your nose J) when you exhale, but Green Smoke can.
    • Hygienically Correct. The part that comes into direct contact with your lips is discarded upon each cartridge renewal. This ensures your device stays clean and fresh.

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