What’s Like to be on Nutrisystem? Receiving the Food Box for a 3rd Month

Amberby Amber

Hi everyone, this is Amber, and I'm excited to report to you on my third month of Nutrisystem and what it's like to be on the Nutrisystem diet. This month I want to show you what it's like when you receive your package of Nutrisystem food each month. Comes in a big box delivered right to your doorstep, and I love not having to go out to shop for it. (Watch my 4th week and 8th week updates)

I just opened this up, it just arrived yesterday, so it's almost like Christmas and I love it. First you're going to find your packaging slip with all the food that you ordered. It will all be there. It always comes nicely organized just like this, with all of the dinners and desserts together, along with the breakfasts, and the lunches. They're all color coordinated, which makes it really easy when you're looking for them in the pantry. You just spot the right color and you know which one to grab.Nutrisystem-package-1

You have your protein shakes–they come in chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and a coffee mocha flavor, I believe. This is my first time trying out the vanilla, so I'm really excited to see what that's going to be like. Then we move on to the desserts. I love the desserts, and it makes me feel good to know that I can have a treat every day, because I am a sugarholic. I love treats. I've got some brownies here too. I love the brownies, and they taste just like a regular brownie.


This month I'm trying out some golden pound cake, because I've been craving strawberry shortcake. So I'm just going to throw some strawberries on top of that, and it's going to be just like a strawberry shortcake! I'm really excited.

There are also cookies for when you've got the cookie cravings. It's really great to have that option– a healthier version of a treat when you really need a treat. Moving on to the breakfasts, we've got some cereals. One of my favorites is the doughnut, it's really good.


Doesn't taste like a regular doughnut, it's not as light and fluffy, it's more dense but it really fills you up. and it tastes pretty good.

This month, I'm trying out one of the granola bars for breakfast because I just needed a few extra meals that I could take with me as I run out the door. With my daughter Jade having extra appointments in the mornings, I needed some fast options for the mornings.

Then of course I needed to have my favorite apple cinnamon oatmeal. I love the oatmeal varieties– they're really hardy and they make you feel full. The granola is delicious and it tastes just like sugary granola! It's very good. If you've got a morning when you don't feel like eating a protein shake, I dump this on top of a high protein, low-sugar yogurt, and it makes one of the best breakfasts. I love it.


Nutrisystem will also send you a new fitness success daily planner guide. I've already talked to you on my blog why this is so important. You can go to jadelouisedesigns.com and click on the menu bar to see our journey on Nutrisystem. It really helps you track your daily meals, your water intake, your physical activity; it's very helpful. You have a section for notes. You also have the grocery guide with all the approved foods you can add in. You get a new one every time you order, it lasts a month, and it gives you a little reminder saying 'you have two weeks of food left and you need to reorder'. That comes in very handy!

Then we move on to the lunches. I've already told you why I love the lunches; the little bars are just like candy bars. They are so sweet and delicious, perfect for when you have a sugar craving, but they're full of nutrients, so they keep you full.


I love these, especially because we've been doing lots of traveling. They are perfect to take on the go when I am driving around from town to town. I can just eat these on the drive and have a better meal option than stopping for fast food.

I've also been really sick so these creamy home-style potatoes have been really delicious. They're just that comfort food for when you're not feeling good but yet they're still gentle on my stomach. I really love those so I had to get more of those. Usually for lunches I combine it with a big salad so I can get my vegetables in for the day. If I'm on the road during lunch, I usually add that salad in during dinner so i can still get it in.

So let's see what else is in here…


…you'll take out the first layer, and then you'll have the last protein shake and then you'll have all your dinner meals.

I love the Italian flatbread pizzas; it really tastes like an Italian Focaccia bread. I just usually throw on some bell peppers and some onions to give it a zest now and then.


My kids love hamburgers and grilled chicken and I was feeling left out, so I'm trying out the flame-broiled beef patty and the grilled chicken breast this month so I don't feel really left out while they're eating their favorites.

I'm trying the new vegetable fajita mix this month because I really miss Mexican food so hopefully that will help with that craving.


These are some classics that I absolutely love. Beef and wedge potatoes, which really tastes just like a hearty beef stew.

It's really delicious. It's really good for those cold nights as it's getting colder in our area, getting down to the teens at night, so it's helpful to have a hearty stew. You already know I love mashed potatoes. This one is delicious and I love pairing it with extra vegetables at night. Just really hearty and delicious!

Tip: Be sure to try out new foods each month, even if it's just one or two, so that you don't get bored with what you are eating.

So basically there you have a nice sneak peek of what it looks like when you get an order of Nutrisystem food. It's well organized, it's easy to find everything, and it's just like Christmas. Now I just have one order of my fresh frozens, the foods that go into my freezer. They ship separately because they have to be delivered in a different manner so they don't defrost. They should be arriving today or tomorrow, and I'm really excited about that!

So welcome to Nutrisystem life and again, be sure to check out jadelouisedesigns.com. In the menu bar there is a link to Nutrisystem and you can see all of our weekly journeys on Nutrisystem and what it's like to live the Nutrisystem life! Have a great week, and I'll see you next month.


Editor's note: Amber is the owner of the wonderful site Busy Creating Menories. She lives in Wasatch Front of Utah near SLC and she is mom to 4 adorable children.

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