Where To Buy Swimwear Online For Women

Where to Buy Swimwear Online

I know I speak for many women when I say that shopping for a bathing suit in-person can be a hassle. Oftentimes a store will have swimsuits you can’t live without, but unfortunately not in your preferred size or color. Plus, talk about nerve-wracking! Even a one-piece suit is fairly revealing, so it goes without saying that swimwear shopping is very similar to shopping for intimate underwear. Can’t we get a little privacy without a stranger trying to help us pick something out? Sometimes even the most understanding, empathetic salesperson can still make us feel uncomfortable.

When you shop for swimwear online, you’re doing so in the privacy and comfort of your own home, free from judgment. Since these bathing suits are shipped to you directly from their store headquarters, there is also a larger variety of colors, styles, and sizes. No more bouncing from store to store looking for that perfect suit! But where should you start looking?

The best websites I’ve come across for swimwear are Pacsun.com and 6pm.com.


Pacsun.com has a great variety of new and trendy bathing suits to fit almost any style you’re going for. A lot of these styles are also unique, which is perfect for those of us who want to impress our friends with something they’ve never seen before.

For example, many of their bikini bottoms feature multiple straps. The LA Hearts Super Strappy Bottom has three straps on either side, which you definitely don’t see very often.

The Mandalynn Seafoam Bottom has thick supportive straps that are angled upward for a sexier look.

Mandalynn Seafoam Bottom

My personal favorite is the Hurley Surfside Striped One Piece, which features a profound image of a fierce white leopard. That one is $85, but do not be discouraged by the price!

Hurley Surfside Striped

Pacsun offers a wide variety of prices on suits as well. You can view all of their bathing suits at once and even sort by price. Many bikini tops and bottoms go for as little as $10-15 separately. You can also sort by brand.

There are even swimsuits featured exclusively online which you cannot find at your local Pacsun store! See our Pacsun coupon codes here.


6pm.com features the largest collection of varying swimsuits that I’ve ever seen on a single website. You can’t view all of their suits on a single page, but there are 36 pages worth of suits, so you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for!

A lot of these suits would be extremely rare to find in an actual store, if at all. For example, their Volcom Catch And Release One Pieces (which come in a variety of colors) features an entirely netted body between the bust and bottoms.

While the large variety might seem overwhelming at first, keep in mind that you can narrow your search by brand, style, color, price, theme, material, pattern, and accents.

Prices range from below $10 to above $200, so there is definitely something for everyone.

My personal favorite is the O’Neill Lanai Triangle Top, which is very colorful and flashy, for only $19.99!

O’Neill Lanai Triangle Top

O’Neill Lanai Triangle Top

6pm does not charge for shipping, and a good portion of their swimsuits are on sale right now!

So what are you waiting for, girls? Swimsuit season is fast approaching! With these varieties and prices, it would be a poor decision not to visit Pacsun.com and 6pm.com to pick out your swimsuit right now. I guarantee you’ll find something you like at an affordable price! You won’t have to put up with pushy salespeople, and finding something you want is easy.